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Kohannah! A Sioux word that means - Swift!



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60” Kohannah Kurve

Stained red elm limb core and Bocote  riser.

  Kohannah Kurve is a one piece recurve built in the traditional style with one big difference, an updated semi-pistol grip.  Its wide limbs offer you a greater degree of stability.  The Kurve is set up to shoot right over your hand off the shelf.  Dramatic tip overlays are made of  mircarta and glass. This bow comes with a bow sock..

60” Kohannah Kurve

US $600 plus shipping

60” Kohannah Kurve

Stained Bamboo limb core and Cocobolo Dymondwood  riser.

Recommended Bow Length for draw length

60” Bow        26” -  29” draw

Kurve Brace Heights: Measured from the deepest part of the grip 7 1/4” - 7 3/4”